Dancing With Stars Or Becoming One In Chicago

The largest growing single occupation for the 2010s in Chicago, as projected by the Federal and State Departments of Labor, was Choreographer. The job title did not supply jobs to as many as were projected, but some jobs were available through each year 2004 – 2014. These jobs are expected to expand somewhat from 2015 – 2020.

Some of the major choreographers, dance schools, and dance companies of Chicago are in the following list:

Besides dance and choreography jobs, Chicago has seen growth in a number of other job titles.

Such growing occupations have been consistently represented in the Healthcare Industry.

High demand jobs include those in Travel Nursing and Travel Physicians; Information Technology (IT) for a variety of industries, Construction Trades, and various other Technologies, Education, and Forensics (for instance, Accounting and Web Security). Aerospace and Biomedicine are merging as new leaders.

Largest Employers

Many of the companies that make up the list of Largest Employers in the entire State of Illinois are located in the Chcago Area, including the following Top 15.

Abbott Laboratories

University Of Illinois

Us Post Office

University Of Chicago

Johnston R Bowman Health Center

John H Stroger Jr. (New) Cook County Hospital

Northern Trust Bank FSB

CNA Financial Corp

CNA Insurance


Exelon Corp

Raymond James & Assoc Inc.

UIC Hospital

University Of Chicago Medical

University Of Illinois Med Center

Chinese-American Museum of Chicago and the Chinatown Museum Foundation

Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center

238 West 23rd Street; Chicago, Illinois 60616

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